The Fields are closed. This is a short history of its beginning.


Welcome to the garden, where education and growth go hand in hand. Our individual plots allow you to start your life long jouney from seed to success.  Whole foods and whole people go hand in hand!  On the Hill, you and your garden can find a happy home.  What ever you choose to grow, our Strawberry field can be it's home. 

Garden Plots

Open ground is just down the hill from Memorial Hall.  

 Community garders are a new experiement in community living. Honk as you go by or stop and visit us!


Adults and children in community garden enviorments. They have the opportunity to pursue a range of gardening activities.  How to grow and how to sell are complements to the develipment of each person in the working field.  Most gardenes have a staff that will ensure that each persons gains insight in the many processes from planting to nuturing to havesting and on to selling, preparing and sharing the gifts of the earth.  The dream of those who helped start the Strawberry Field garden, was to become more green each year and help all the residents of tne the neighborhood and city learn as a whole to earn and become more green as well.

You are invited to use the website to learn about the history of Strawberry Fields as well as how plant and grow on your own to eat, display or sell.  That is right, you can grow or a small plot of your own if you cannot become a member of the Field on the hill! You can become a part of the Green Fields back home!   Visit often and learn more about the philosophy for success, both in the heart and mind.

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.
Gertrude Jekyll

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 This website is a tribute to Debra Micheal, book mark us for coming articles including a KCKCC video on the garden.   Contact Debra if you have quesitions or comments at

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